I’m working each day to list all of my offerings, please check regularly as I continue to update the listing. 

POUND CAKES – $40.00 

Death by Chocolate Pound Cake  This cake is for the Chocoholic in you. Yes, all things chocolate… moist chocolate cake drizzled in a rich chocolate ganache and topped with milk chocolate shards.

Sweet Potato Pound Cake  6 cups of sweet potatoes dominate this moist flavorful cake, a warm beverage (cocoa, coffee…) are a great accompaniment, however, it’s so moist and delicious that it’s great without.

Peach Brandy Pound Cake  This wonderfully moist pound cake is centered around Apricot Brandy and Sour Cream… Yum!

Chocolate Pumpkin Pound Cake  Immerse yourself in this wonderful rich flavorful pound cake. The stars are Pumpkin and all things Chocolate (dark, milk and white).

Lemon/Lime Tequila Pound Cake  Need I say more… Tartness of both Lemons and Limes w/a subtle hint of Tequila. To further enhance the tartness, this cake has a wonderful lemon/lime glaze.

Rum Cake: Moist, Rich, Buttery Poundcake w/a punch!!!

Lemon Blueberry Pound Cake  Need I say more… Tartness of Lemons with a burst of fresh blueberries.  To further enhance the experience, this cake has a wonderful lemon glaze.

Chocolate Monkey Pound Cake  Wonderfully moist marbled banana and chocolate cake, drizzled both milk and white chocolate. Absolutely delicious.

Lemon Pound Cake  Fresh squeezed lemon juice is the star of this buttery cake, to add extra lemon, it’s drizzled with wonderfully sweet/tart (well balanced) glaze.